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A FULL FINANCIAL PLAN in conjunction with your other financial professionals, as necessary



  • Initial meeting to talk about goals

  • Strategies for reaching life goals, with accompanying calculations about how to get there

(Example goals: retirement, buying a house, sending kids to private schools, college savings.) 

  • Help with spending plans and debt repayment strategies

  • Overview and recommendations about

    • insurance needs & current insurance policies

    • all savings and investments.

    • work retirement plans

    • tax efficiency

    • estate planning, including beneficiary designations, wills, trusts, etc.

  • Help getting investment accounts started, including individual retirement accounts

  • Withdrawal strategies for investment account distributions.

  • Policy setting for charitable giving.


All of the above while working in conjunction with your other professionals (e.g., accountants, attorneys, brokers)


In the end we will have: 

  • A document that summarizes

    • your current financial picture

    • your financial goals and the steps needed to reach them

    • concrete next steps (a "To Do" list and a summary of policies we've established")

  • A meeting that outlines and clarifies

    • your current and next steps, 

    • your charitable and investment policies for the year, and

    • any updates. 

  • Follow-up calls or emails at one month, 3 months, 6 months, and one year.

JUST INVESTMENTS:  Starting new investment accounts



  • A meeting to discuss investment goals

  • Research and suggestions on investments and strategy.

  • A meeting to explain your strategy and a tutorial on research methods. 

  • An in-person meeting to help get accounts open, and any account transfers started.                       

  • Assistance and follow-up with getting your accounts started.

  • Periodic follow-ups at one & 3 months.




  • Strategies for debt reduction: pay down credit cards and other debts in the most efficient manner

  • Set up

    • automatic payment of bills, where appropriate

    • automatic savings in an online savings account

    • automatic investing in your account

  • Strategies for efficient debt reduction

  • Consolidate your accounts where possible

  • Research and investment selection for your accounts

  • Periodic follow-ups by phone and/or email after one month, 3 months




  • Retirement plan advice (e.g., 401(k)s)

  • Retirement and other goal projections: doing the math 

    • ​retirement

    • home buying

    • education and college planning

  • Analyzing retirement package offers

  • others upon request

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